Do you want to make your basement
livable and larger?

Basement Lowering and Underpinning make a living space out of your otherwise unusable basement. Basement underpinning helps to create a comfortable living space for the family.


Have you ever dealt with water in your basement? Our waterproofing services address all the common ways water can enter your basement and solve it for you.


Are you living in a flood-risk area? We help deal with the flooding problem in your basement, whatever the reason. Rely on us, and we will help you to prevent or get it back dry again.


Do you want to make your basement livable and larger? We will make your basement livable and larger by increasing the square footage and height through lowering and underpinning.


Do you want to create a unique basement walkout? We eliminate the cave-like feel of your basement and open it to the outdoors for your family to use or rent out.


We offer a full range of services including Waterproofing, Draining Services to Underpinning, and Basement Walkout Services.


Your comfort is our number one priority. We don’t compromise on materials, craftsmanship or customer service. That’s an AquaMen guarantee!


We service the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) + 40 km. Our local headquarter located in Mississauga, Ontario.

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Make a living space out of your otherwise unusable basement

Basement Lowering and Underpinning make a living space out of your otherwise unusable basement. Back in the day, the basement wasn't considered a living space as it is today. As a result, basements in most old homes have low ceilings and exposed ductwork. Basement underpinning helps to create a unique, comfortable living space for you and your family.

Underpinning & Lowering Services

Our underpinning system will help you to create more living space. It is better than benching because although benching will help you make extra living space, it robs you of square footage. Underpinning will help you increase the overall height of the basement and the square footage.

Basement lowering involves digging out of a basement floor a few feet below. AquaMen Waterproofing has all the needed equipment and experience that you will need for this.

The Process

Basement underpinning is a complex feat with lots of exciting stages. The first step you need to take is to get engineering drawings and permits, and AquaMen Waterproofing will assist you with this step.

The basement underpinning process starts with removing the concrete floor, followed by excavation. The contractor must dig out the sections according to the drawings provided by the engineer. This is mostly done in three stages. If you need new posts, new footings will be required. Temporary jacks will have to be installed to support the beams. The next step is for a two-inch space between the existing footing and concrete, where we install the two-inch dry pack grout.

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