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Have you ever dealt with water in your basement? Our waterproofing services address all the common ways water can enter your basement and solve it for you.


Are you living in a flood-risk area? We help deal with the flooding problem in your basement, whatever the reason. Rely on us, and we will help you to prevent or get it back dry again.


Do you want to make your basement livable and larger? We will make your basement livable and larger by increasing the square footage and height through lowering and underpinning.


Do you want to create a unique basement walkout? We eliminate the cave-like feel of your basement and open it to the outdoors for your family to use or rent out.


We offer a full range of services including Waterproofing, Draining Services to Underpinning, and Basement Walkout Services.


Your comfort is our number one priority. We don’t compromise on materials, craftsmanship or customer service. That’s an AquaMen guarantee!


We service the Greater Toronto Area + 60 km. Our local headquarter located in Mississauga, Ontario.

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Our uncompromising dedication to using the best quality materials, delivering quality craftsmanship and offering excellent customer service has given us a reputation of being a reliable company. Which is why our clients give us the thumbs up every time!

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Whether you need complete waterproofing solutions, AquaMan provides the best services to keep your home dry and safe.

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External waterproofing

If you have ever needed emergency waterproofing services, you understand the importance of quick and reliable solutions. Our team understands the big difference between damp proofing and waterproofing. Damp proofing is done during construction and relies on moisture-resistant materials such as hot liquid asphalt and rubber coating with an insulating panel. Since it is applied internally, it’s not waterproof. On the other hand, external waterproofing prevents seepage caused by hydrostatic pressure to keep water from penetrating the foundation from the ground.

Internal waterproofing

If you’ve dealt with water in your basement, you need a waterproofing system to provide a long-lasting and effective solution. Interior waterproofing works best in areas that cannot be accessed from the outside. The water problem is not a result of foundation leaks but rather a hydrostatic pressure issue and the internal system. It is a cost-effective solution for unfinished living spaces. Our efficient basement waterproofing solution will help prevent mould problems, which are the root cause of many respiratory health issues such as allergic reactions. Prevention is the best method you can use when dealing with mould and waterproofing to secure your family's safety and health.

Foundation structural repair

If you notice any cracks in your home's foundation, you should immediately seek help! Structural foundation problems for sure require a professional engineering approach. From our experience, we understand that all basement wall cracks must be checked and repaired as soon as possible. Still, horizontal cracks require special attention since they are caused by lateral pressure from the surrounding soil. When it comes to foundation structural repair, we will help you get the engineer's report, follow the specifications, and install a waterproofing system. Plus, backfill and tamp the soil if we also do external waterproofing.

Crawlspace encapsulation

Have you inspected your home’s basement crawl space recently? The crawl space is the area with a limited height in the basement, and it helps promote air circulation. Crawl space encapsulation involves the installation of airtight vapour barrier systems and dehumidifiers. This helps reduce moisture levels as well as reduce the risk of termites, mildew, mould, odour, dust mites, allergies and a range of other air quality problems in the house to keep your family healthy.

Want to protect your new home?

At AquaMen Waterproofing, we don’t only focus on existing structures; we also offer our services in new homes. Our team has the tools and the know-how to help waterproof your new home. We do this because waterproofing during construction can save you thousands of dollars.

Lifetime Warranty

All the work completed by AquaMen carries a lifetime warranty. Your signed contract with AquaMen is your warranty certificate. Get in touch with us today to get a no-obligation inspection and be on your way to a dry basement.

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