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If you have a beautiful, dry basement that is not well utilised, AquaMen has the answer for you. Our team can add life to it by creating a walkout basement for you.


Have you ever dealt with water in your basement? Our waterproofing services address all the common ways water can enter your basement and solve it for you.


Are you living in a flood-risk area? We help deal with the flooding problem in your basement, whatever the reason. Rely on us, and we will help you to prevent or get it back dry again.


Do you want to make your basement livable and larger? We will make your basement livable and larger by increasing the square footage and height through lowering and underpinning.


Do you want to create a unique basement walkout? We eliminate the cave-like feel of your basement and open it to the outdoors for your family to use or rent out.

Boost the value of your property

Walkout basements boost the value of your property. They will also help provide natural light and create a unique indoor and outdoor space. The doors can lead to a patio or yard. Because of their uniqueness, basement walkouts are becoming all the rage in Toronto and the GTA.

Сonstruction of a basement walkout is a complex process involving excavation, waterproofing, underpinning, concrete works, masonry, electrical work and plumbing. AquaMen Waterproofing has the right equipment, trained personnel and years of experience to do it right safely and perfectly every time.

Structural integrity

The focus of our walkout basement contractors is not just on aesthetic appeal but also structural integrity. We understand that a poorly planned basement entrance can result in basement leaks or even cause damage to the house. We will go through numerous calculations before knocking anything down. We understand that the security of your home is a paramount priority. We build the basement walkouts the safe way, which prevents burglars from breaking into the house.

Convert your basement into a rental property

If you are thinking about a basement walkout, AquaMen Waterproofing should be your number one choice when searching for a contractor in Ontario, Canada. We have been dealing with basement walkouts for decades.

Whether you want to convert your basement into a rental property or add more living space downstairs, our expert team builds a robust and long-lasting walkout. Our team will work around your budget to find that comprehensive design.

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